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In short:
The most important
things at a glance

  • Has the performance of your solar system
  • The repair of your solar system should only be
    carried out by specialists.
  • Would you like to save money and protect the
    environment at the same time? Then simply
    have your solar system repaired!

The repair of solar systems

Please note that any repairs to solar systems should only be carried out by specialist companies,
otherwise there is a danger to life!

Once the trigger of the fault has been found, the faulty component must either be repaired or replaced.


By the way, minor repair work is included in maintenance – these include, for example, checking loose module junction boxes, tightening mounting clamps – as well as screwing and adjusting loosened connectors.​

There are many reasons why damage to the solar system occurs in the first place:​

Often it is the effects of the weather, such as storm or hail damage, that are responsible for the defects. Sometimes, however, it is also due to errors in the installation itself:

For example, loosened cables can be destroyed by tension or wind load. Another frequent cause of damage is marten bites, which can damage the wiring.

Do you have any questions for us? We will help you with any defects your solar system may have quickly, professionally and reliably!