Why cleaning your solar system is worthwhile:

One of the ongoing costs of a solar system is maintenance & cleaning.

​However, the good news is that these are kept low in price
and are offset by the energy revenue.​

Cleaning a solar system is a very important process that
should always be done professionally.

After all, stuck dirt particles can act almost like a shadow,
which can significantly reduce the performance and yield
of your system.​

Stuck dirt particles can also affect the modules
themselves, so in the worst-case scenario, the
functionality and lifespan of the entire system are at stake.

In short:
The most important
things at a glance

  • Cleaning your solar system is necessary for it to
    reach its full performance and lifetime
  • How often the system needs to be cleaned
    depends on the degree of pollution
  • The costs of professional cleaning are offset by
    the optimised energy yields

Why cleaning your solar system is important!

The manufacturers of most solar modules recommend annual cleaning of solar systems installed on barn
roofs. If your system is installed on a barn or house roof, you should have the modules cleaned every two
years at the latest.

After all, professional, regular cleaning ensures maximum energy yields!

When does a solar system need to be cleaned?

How often a solar system needs to be cleaned depends on how dirty the system is.

For example, if you install the system near busy roads or farms, you should expect annual cleaning.

This is particularly important because as soon as the dirt is visible, the maximum yields of the solar system can no longer be guaranteed.​

If your system generates less electricity than usual, it may also be time to have it professionally cleaned.​

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