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PV Solar-Konzepte is your reliable partner when it comes to expertise and professional know-how in the
field of effective solar systems. With our expertise, we make sure that you can profit from the maximum
potential of your solar system – without “ifs and buts!”

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Do you want your solar system to deliver maximum performance while achieving its full service life?

The feedback we get from our customers is clear: every single cleaning optimises the energy yields and makes their system work even better.


To achieve the best possible yields, your solar system must be regularly maintained.

Our team specialises in identifying any defect, no matter how small, and corrects it for you swiftly.


For your solar system to be repaired successfully, not only a concrete damage assessment has to be carried out - but the use of spare parts of various kinds is also necessary.

Of course, you can obtain these directly from us, as we are your reliable partner for all relevant areas related to your solar system.


We are also happy to implement the complete installation of your solar system.

Our range of services is distinguished by turnkey concepts from A to Z - from planning to as-is analysis, installation and commissioning.

Needless to say, we also take care of all the formalities that are necessary for your network operator.

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In our exclusive online shop, you can purchase your solar modules as an attractive complete package (installation included).

Take advantage of the many benefits of our solar modules and concepts.

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Why cleaning your solar system
pays off

One of the ongoing costs of a solar system is cleaning.

However, the good news is that these are kept low in price and are offset by the energy revenue.

Cleaning a solar system is a very important process that should always be done professionally.

After all, stuck dirt particles can act almost like a shadow, which can significantly reduce the performance and
yield of your system.

Stuck dirt particles can also affect the modules themselves, so in the worst-case scenario, the functionality and
lifespan of the entire system are at stake.

Integrated maintenance by our experts

Make the most of the full service
life of your system!

Do not make any compromises when it comes to the maintenance of your solar system – after all, you want to benefit from the maximum service life of your system.

To ensure that this happens smoothly, we recommend annual, professional maintenance of your system.

Those who would like to carry out the maintenance on their own are often discouraged when they try, as the systems mounted
on the roofs of houses are not only difficult to reach but also difficult to assess without the necessary expertise.

Therefore, trust in the expertise of our staff and secure proof of maintenance for your insurance at the same time.

Professional maintenance & repair

We are at your service - whether
in the event of damage or for the
procurement of spare parts.

In case of malfunctions or irregularities of your system – for example due to a lightning strike – you should not
hesitate and consult an expert immediately.

If these are not remedied immediately, long-term damage can occur within your system. Don’t let this happen – we
will fix any malfunction professionally for you in no time at all!

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At PV Solar-Konzepte, we combine our passion for high-quality solar systems with many years of experience and
valuable know-how on an expert level.

We are happy to provide you with advice and support and use our expertise to ensure that you enjoy your solar
system for as long as possible. You can rely on us at any time.​

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